Connect Tulip to Excel

Hello All,

I am tiring to create a connector to an Excel in order to pull information from the excel file to Tulip Apps and Analytics, Is there any documented method that can help me to perform this?


hello @cmartinez, and welcome to the Tulip Community!! come introduce yourself here: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!.

just to confirm, is the Excel file you’re referring to hosted on OneDrive??

in the meantime, this post that @freedman shared a couple of months ago may be of interest to you: Tulip and Excel (a love story).

welcome again to the Tulip Community!!

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Hey gio,

I read the Tulip and Excel (a love story), I place test work book in my one drive for business. and how to get the char in the tulip.

hello @mcc6025, great to hear you’re starting this integration!!

can you give a little more information on where you’re getting stuck?? if you have some screenshots that would be very helpful.


Hello Gio,

Thank you for your quick response, the Excel spreadsheet is locates in Microsoft Teams.

The Idea is to link that table to tulip and keep it updated with the changes done in Excel and be able to create Dashboards into Tulip.