App Group Permissions

Hello Tulip Team,
I was hoping that you would consider adding permissions to the app developer software where we can set permissions on App groups as to which users can see them. As an example we group our apps by customer and specific customer program. Many times there are restrictions as to who can see these app group groups and apps like ITAR for example. It would be great if we could set permissions on App groups to limit who can see them. This would also eliminate from the app side having to have multiple instances. This will not help us with tables but I have another request for the same on tables for view and edit capability/limitation.


Hi @scott.hodges, thanks for the request, we will consider it. We may also have other features coming out that could help with this, stay tuned!

Hi @scott.hodges,

I’m doing user research on how people manage Apps on the shop floor. Would you be open to talking more? This overlaps with User roles, so I’d probably bring another product manager from that team along. if you’re interested, can you email to set something up?