App metadata - like a description or ID field

An app has a name, and that’s it, right? There is not like an ID and a description for an app?

As a result, we “name” the app with both an ID number and a description, like so:


The ID (100-0282) corresponds to our ERP. The rest of the name is for a human being looking at Tulip.

As I discussed yesterday, the only way to open an app from a trigger is by “name.”

I guess there are two paths:

  1. The “name” becomes the ID, and then add a description field
  2. The “name” becomes the description, and add an ID field that I can call from a trigger (so that I have two ways to open an app via trigger - name or ID.

I’m partial to #2, and I would think that would have the least impact on Tulip also.

Hey Jason, this is a great point! We are going to be adding a “description” field to apps in the near future, so that will probably lead you to solution 1 as the faster solution in the near term.

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@kevin.kononenko That sounds great.

Out of curiosity, what will the interface look like then? Will it still be the “name” only, or the description also? (I vote for both.)

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Alongside that change, we would likely also switch up this interface and add a lot more metadata to apps. So that apps could easily be searched by either name/description or metadata, like which apps are connected to which connector functions.

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