Array IndexOf()

Is there already a kind of IndexOf() function to find index for a specific value in a simple or complex array?

Hi @youri.regnaud ,

I hope that helps:

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Thanks, Do you know if you can use regex if a value match a regex expression?

HI @youri.regnaud ,

this will deliver all matches as an Array:

Does this help?


To check if its a total match you could build something like this (this checks if only capital letters are used):

Maybe thats something for an custom widged, if you need this more often.

My question was more if i can find index in an array that match a regex expression. Thanks for your help

You could send it to a connector function and let the connector solve the issue (here looking for an “e” at the end with at least 4 leading characters):

I guess in most cases the “like” without regex is best (I added some examples as comments in the SQL…)

But maybe a custom widget is the best solution here?


I also try this :