Expression editor pull item at index of an array

if i have a text list variable [Jan, Feb, March, …] and I want to pull item 10 aka Oct is there a way to do this in the expression editor? I see ARRAY_INDEX_OF() to input Oct and return 10 but i don’t see the ability to do the reverse

Thanks, but I’m trying to use an automation which i only really have access to the expression editor

and the array[index] syntax of Javascript isn’t acceepted

This post is well timed - in r278 (which is coming next week!) there is a new function in the expressions editor called {{ARRAY_VALUE_AT_INDEX}} coming for Apps and Automations. The function retrieves the value at the given index for the given array. Seems that should do the trick for you here :slight_smile:

You could also use regex if you have the list as a string.


Closing this thread as this did release in Release 278 - April 2024 :tada: