Allow to check the length of an array without having to store it into a variable

Right now you need to create a variable in which you store the length of an array if you want to check its length in a condition.

It would be nice if this kind of thing would be possible in the EXPRESSION directly.

@sebme Thanks for the suggestion. This is fairly straightforward, so we will see if it is possible to prioritize it. What is the use case that brings up the need for you?

Hi pete,

we are fetching a delimited string from a BOM, split it and use its contents to determine what steps need to be displayed to the operator.



If ther is only one specified, we would like to send the operator straight to that step.

Along the lines of

  1. Fetch BOM item
  2. Split it by delimiter
  3. Get the length of the resulting array
  4. If the resulting array has a length == 1: only fetch the first element of the array and use that as the operator destination.

Right now this requires to go via another variable to determine the array length. And if it is only 1, then we know we can safely fetch the array element at index 0 to send the operator to the right step.

That by itself is not a big deal. However, our app has already so many variables that I would prefer to not have to introduce further “helpers” to get to the desired result.

@sebme Awesome, thanks for the details!

This sounds like a great idea. Voted!