Release 277 - April 2024

Another great release here!!

As usual, I want to highlight a couple great product suggestions from Community in this release:

  1. From @sebme Allow to check the length of an array without having to store it into a variable - this is now possible in expression editor across the board (apps, analytics, and automations) with the {{len}} expressions function!

A couple bug fixes from Community as well:

  1. From @sloschitzki String array not equal string array - this has been fixed!
  2. From @mellerbeck - In test results returned from tulip connector functions please return in the same column order as the query - This release fixed the issue you noted where SQL connector query result columns were displayed in the order they are defined in connector function outputs and we also improved formatting outputs!

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!

What else are you excited about in this release?