Better handling of NULL vs an empty string

We are running here into an issue where we need to differentiate between a logical NULL value of a field and an empty string.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s assume I have a table where is have two fields on which I want to filter, A and B.

Usually, there will be a value to search for in both fields. However, there could also be cases where one of those fields is actually NULL.

In such a situation there seems to be a issue where if I query now with one of those fields empty, I am not getting any results. I would only get a result IF I manually write an empty string rather than a null for those records that do not have any value in the respective field.

This becomes an issue as also in the table view, it is currently not possible to differentiate between those two states… in the table form both cases are just shown as an empty field.

Other solutions give you an indication is the field is actually NULL.

Hey @sebme -

I just wrote a bug for this, I don’t this is expected behavior. You should be able to pass null to one of your app inputs and results that have Null in that field would be matched.

I suspect this is just a gap in the background that is converting your input into a SQL query, we don’t check for cases where a user hasn’t entered anything, and convert that from “” to a true null, so matches arent found.

I will keep you in the loop as I hear more from the team today-

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