BUG: can't copy button text

Hi ,
in Chrome it is not possible to copy the button label text.

It doesn’t matter if I’m using ctrl+c or the context menu the clipboard is empty.

Is it known?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF

I can’t replicate this issue. Both, in Chrome and Edge, I can copy and paste the text as expected.

Did you try pasting the text in a text editor? If it copies a linefeed or so at the beginning, it might be an issue. Then the text will be in the next line in the editor. I experienced something like this on other applications before…

Hi @thorsten.langner
I can reproduce it local and under our Citrix profile with
Version: r265.1

the clipboard is alsways empty

trying to paste it into Word, Editor, Trigger…

Regards Chris

any news from your side?
I still can not copy any text from the label field into any other field - clipboard is still empty
On the other hand I can copy text from a trigger into the label field.

As long as I can’t reference a label text, I often need to type the same article number twice (or more)

Chrome, newest version, no addons

Regards Chris

Hi Chris

I tried to reproduce this myself on the latest version of Chrome and am not seeing the same issue. I think the best way to help you here is have our Support team take a look. I went ahead a made a ticket for you, you should see it in your email! I am confident they will be able to figure this out for you :slight_smile:

Short info for all:

it’s a confirmed bug, which only effects number inputs only, and will be fixed in r275.

Regards Chris


This is now fixed in Release 275 - March 2024 - Thanks for bringing this to our attention Chris :tada: