Bug: Expression help is hidden/cut by long expression fields

Hi all,
the help “popup” of an expression function is cut by a long expression field, because the popup is behind the expression field (difficult to explain)

Impossible to read the full help popup.

Version: r282.1

Deploy Date: 02.07.2024 02:24

Garden: eu-70


I can’t reproduce it (also r282.1)

What type of trigger are you at?

@thorsten.langner thanks for your help here!

@ChrisF - Just noticed something here, I think the helper box is actually showing up fully / in front. It appears that since the expression box in the trigger below and the helper box are the same color / shade of black with no distinguishing boundary, that it kind of looks like its being cut off (optical illusion if you will!), but you’ll notice that the full helper pop-up is actually showing in your screenshot.

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Aah, I guess this is playing tricks on my old eyes.

Please confirm this is the normal behavior:
select inside the helper box something and expand the selection by keyboard with Shift+Arrow down for one line.

Try to expand a selection inside an expression field by the same way: I can’t; I change the function (if there are more than one). I only can expand any selection inside the expression field by Shift+Arrow right/left

As far as I can see: all other text fields/boxes select the whole line by hitting Shift+Arrow down.

Regards Chris

Yes unfortunately many navigations do not work in the Expression editor.

Up, Down, End, Home (Pos1 in EU)…

@ChrisF @thorsten.langner - Yes the expression editor has its many “quirks” if you will :wink:

Internally, the Tulip Product and Engineering teams just did a “challenge project” (a scavenger hunt of building tulip apps of sorts), and you’d be happy to know that many of them were surprised by these “quirks” of the expression editor and the team is very aware that this feature can use some love and focus in the future!