Building Apps and Solutions in a Composable Way - Discussion Continued

Did you attend the Build Better Session on Building Apps and Solutions in a Composable way? Or did you miss it and want to chime in?

Feel free to use this thread to ask additional questions or continue the discussion from the session!

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Where can I find recordings? I was unable to attend the third session today.

Hey John!

The first 2 sessions are available on Tulip University in the new Tulip University Composable Solutions Course - specifically the following 2 lessons:

For the session today, I will send out a recording to all folks who registered for the event - but also you can find a lot of resources on the Composable MES App Suites in my post here: Composable MES - Discussion, Troubleshooting, and Feedback - #2 by Beth

I hope you have enjoyed the sessions so far, and let us know if you have any questions about the Composable MES Apps!