Composable MES - Discussion, Troubleshooting, and Feedback

Topic for discussing composable MES content on the library

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Want to get started with the Composable MES App Suites in Library? Here’s everything you need :slight_smile:


Download the Composable MES App Suites

Tulip University

Take the new Tulip University Composable Solutions course. This course has the following lessons you can check out and a “Composability with Tulip” certificate coming soon!

  1. Composable Solutions: Navigating the Paradigm Shift with Tulip
  2. Tulip Common Data Model
  3. Tulip Solution Design
  4. Building Apps and App Solutions in a Composable Way
  5. Agile Development and Digital Continuous Improvement

Knowledge Base

Check out the Composable MES Overview article on Knowledge Base . There are also individual articles for each new App Suite and individual apps!

Knowledge Base also has some new and updated content around Composable Building & the Tulip Common Data Model:

Have questions or feedback? Comment below!

Just finished reviewing and processing the Tulip Common Data Model article in the knowledge base, and very happy with how this came out :slight_smile:

During the Build Better sessions I mentioned that I was looking for a robust method for reviewing and documenting qty’s built during multi-step processes to use for calculations, and the Station Activity History is very close to the solution we have internally. It looks like you have also included some additional business data for items like target quantity and time tracking, which are logical extensions to that data. I’ll look into including those in our internal data model, since that’s a use case I really want to get up and running.


@David2 , great to hear! Yes, the station activity table is designed to work with a number of production management apps to easily understand plant-wide metrics.

Keep me posted on overall feedback and onboarding experience too; want to make sure Composable MES is as streamlined as possible