Carriage return as array delimiter

Is there a way to store an array in a table field with the delimiter designated as a carriage return?

hello @Jeff, just to confirm I’m understanding correctly - are you trying to replace the comma’s in this example with with '\n'??

you cannot store Arrays in Table fields, you need to first convert the Array into Text by using the function TOTEXT().

if you could share a little more on what you’re trying to build hopefully we can be more helpful!!

Yes, that would be correct.

I am currently using the “join to string” under the array trigger and I store it in a table field. It requires a delimiter. I could try using Manipulate Data - store- function TOText()

hey @Jeff, yes the TOTEXT() function will also work!! you can then use logic similar to this to separate it out again if you need it in an app as an Array:

app trigger:



let me know if you’re able to build what you’re trying to accomplish!!

That is what I am trying to accomplish, thank you. I will give the expression a try.
I am curious though if there is also a way to set the delimiter as a carriage return? This would simplify the trigger and I should be able to just display the text in record field. I think…

great to hear @Jeff, let me know if you’re able to build what you’re attempting to accomplish!!

currently, the delimiter cannot be customized. although you bring up a great point about avoiding the extra actions to process the data. the engineering team is aware of the need to add Array support for Tables, I’ll keep you posted with updates.

in the meantime, let me know if that solution works!!