Using an array in a table record

Hi Guys,
Is there a method to delete the " " when saving the array in the table because i am going to use this data after loading the record in a loop and create different records in an other table using this array.
I mean that first, i am going to save an array with different element in a table column for example : [“123”,“568”,“623”,“467”].
After that i will load this record and store [“123”,“568”,“623”,“467”] in an array.
And finally, using the length of the array and a loop to create different records in an other table : records IDs will be : “123”, “568”, “623” and “467”. But in this case, Tulip will create records using the " " or what i want to do is to delete this delimiter " " and just create records using these IDs : 123, 568, 623 and 467.
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Hey @FahdERM -

The split function will remove the separator character by default, the only time you would still have a space before or after one of the id’s is if there were 2 or more spaces after the element in the array. Here is an example of how I would do this:

  1. Convert list to Text, then remove the brackets on each end.

  2. Use the split function to turn back into a list.

Hope this helps,

Hey @Pete_Hartnett,
Thank you for your answer but in fact, i am creating an array of elements. After that i am storing this array (after converting it to text using TOTEXT() function) in a table. And when doing that, i don’t know why it store it with " " caratcters.
And when i want to load this text and to convert it again to an array, it stores every element with " " or i want to store just the element. For example, i don’t want to store “38900” in the array but i want to just store the 38900.
I have tested it and it gived me this result :

Normally, at the right i should see :
Without " " .
Hope i was explained enough my want.

Hey @FahdERM -

Looks like you were able to sort this one out before I could get back to you. One approach to automatically remove the starting and ending brackets and “” is to use the Array> Join to string action. This action will combine all of the fields without adding any additional characters.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett,
Thanks for your answer. I have done and tested this and it worked perfectly.

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