Change order of variables in variable table?

I am creating a bar chart using 11 variables from my app. The order in which my variables are displayed on the chart matters. Any pointers?

Hi Wei, there is no way to currently sort bars on a bar chart. There are two workarounds:

  1. You can use a Table analysis to sort values alphabetically by a variable name.
  2. You could add a character at the start of the variable name to force it to populate in a certain order. For example, if you wanted a variable named “defect_type” to appear first, you could change the name of the variable to “A - defect_type”.
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I numbered my variables which put them in the order I desire inside the variable table. But the order of the variables did not change in the graph.

This is how my variable table look. [Couldn’t upload them together because I’m a new user]

Did you originally save these variables in the app without numbers in front? In other words, were they originally called “standardize…”, “shine…” etc?

@Wei can you link the analytic that you’ve made? In some situations you can drag to re-order the aggregations, which will change the order they are displayed in.

@kevin.kononenko yes, they were originally just the text without numbers.

So here is what I believe is happening. Since in earlier app completions, the variables had a certain name, the analysis is using the original name to sort the bars. Can you try excluding the earlier app completions? If that does not work, you will need to create new variables that have the current names with the numbers in front, unfortunately.

I constrained my data to just the ones from today. Yet, the variables still don’t move.

I see. In that case, you have two options:

  1. Create new variables with the number scheme for each of the 11 variables in the chart. This will ensure that the chart correctly sorts them by the new numbering scheme.
  2. Create 5 separate analyses, and then place them in a shop floor dashboard with overlaps so that only one y-axis is visible. More info on shop floor dashboards:

Thanks for starting this Wei. Being able to re-order those columns is a great request, we’ll add it to our roadmap.

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