Can Bar Chart be Sorted?

Hi @gio ,

Used Bar Chart to display the Values as show in the below screenshot:

How can Chart be represented in the Sorted way(Descending to ascending), suppose as per the screenshot Clutch kicked out should be the first bar since it’s Duration is more than the other, how can it be done ?


hello @psp316r, sorting in this type of Analysis currently can’t be done, although I agree it’d be really useful. if you’d like, could you submit a product suggestion here: Product suggestions - Tulip Community mentioning what you’d like to achieve?? thanks!!

Hey @psp316r,

Depending on how you want to sort things the Pareto chart might help. Try switching the chart to a Pareto, which will sort the x axis from largest to smallest.


Happy Tulip-ing


Hi @dan.pomeranz ,

Thanks for the quick response, but there is an extra Orange Line, as you can see in the below screenshot, can it be removed ?


Unfortunately this is a different type of chart which uses the line. I would reiterate the earlier point from gio, we would love it if you submitted a suggestion to be able to sort the x axis of bar charts. Our platform is constantly improving and this is one of many exciting ideas we will hopefully incorporate in the future!