How can I show on charts just the top 3, or top 5 or top 10?

In order to have our dashboards more “clean” and easy to read, there is a way that I can filter just the top 3, top 5 or top 10 of a pareto chart?

Thank you!

Hey @matteo.morosin,

you can use sorting and limiting in the universal template to limit the number of records in the query result that is visualized. That will allow you to make a pareto chart of only the top x elements.

See example below where I show a pareto chart of the Top 3 defect types by record count.

Please not that this will lead to different percentages for the individual items compared to the overall pareto chart as they always sum up to 100% in one chart. Tulip currently does not support grouping the “tail” of a pareto chart to “other” which would keep the percentages for the still shown bars the same.

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Thank you for this suggestion! Unfortunately I’m not sure why, even if I have the descending sorting, when I set a limit the graph doesn’t start from the highest number (please let me know if you see anything that I’m doing wrong):




@matteo.morosin In your case you’ll have to sort by “Defect Quantity - Sum” descending as you want the largest sums. Right now it seems like you are sorting by the defect description.

Note that the pareto chart does some additional sorting based on the value sizes on top of the query result. This is why in your case things change when you increase the limit. But you can see that the ones that are in your “limit 3” image have the same sequence (Null => Etching => Straps) in the other two images. There is just more items added.

You can always review the query result panel on the bottom with “Show query result” to show what data your query returns.

If you’re not sure about the settings, I propose you start with the limit set to the max. Then make sure the sorting is configured so the top items in the query result are the ones you care about. And then add the limit according to how many you want to show.

Hope this helps and have a great weekend!

Thank you Stefan, changing the sorting to Defect Quantity - Sum fixed the issue!

Have a fantastic weekend :+1:

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@matteo.morosin Awesome, that’s great to hear.

And thank you :desert_island:

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