Pareto Charts & Table Display in Dashboards

Hi all!
After developing 2 dashboard applications, I’ve found that there could be 2 beneficial additions that would enhnace our expierence. The first would be adding Pareto charts to the types of analytics that could be created. These displays have been widely used in our industry, and convey a lot of good information to those reading the analytic. Next, the display of table charts in dasboards is difficult to read for a larger quantity of columns displayed. In the images below you’ll see that for this particular table you have to scroll over to see the rest of the data. This becomes increasingly problematic when the analytics will update to match real time (which occurs frequently due to the magnitude we run production). If this table analytic could be condesded to all be seen at once that would be very helpful!


Thank you for all you support

hello @txh3467, thanks for posting!!

just to confirm, what type of Analysis is this (One Operation, Compare Variables, etc.) and is it based off of a Table or an App??

I ask this as Pareto is actually available for some Analyses already!! if you navigate to Display, you’ll see it populate in the dropdown if it’s available for that Analysis type:

and regarding the Table suggestion, would allowing formatting (font size specifically) resolve this problem??

let us know!!

Oh my gosh, that is amazing! Thank you for showing me that chart! Yes, that could probably fix the issue. I’m worried with that fix however, that the font would be too small to read the data. Maybe there could be something like manually being able to adjust the column sizes like you can when you insert a table datasource. That would also be a good fix for this issue!
Thank you for your help!

great to hear @txh3467!!

adjusting column sizes makes sense and I agree that it would be a valuable addition to better format the data being displayed.

are the Analyses being displayed on an App or on a Dashboard?? I’m asking as if it’s on an App, you could also consider using an Interactive Table and a Table Query/Aggregation (which would allow you to have more control on the formatting, including column width).

I am using an App!
I looked into the idea of the interactive table, this could be a good fix! I’m worried the time that this will take to excute considing the large quantity of data points to search through. I will test this out and get back to you!

that’s great to hear also, looking forward to seeing what you build!!

I’m not aware of differences with regards to the time required to load Table Records + Aggregations/Queries vs. Analytics, but let us know if this is an issue.