Configurable API

Hi Team,

We’d like to be able to restrict execution of certain API functions. Specifically, it would be great if we could create an API token that has permissions to create/read/update table records, but not delete them. I’ve not found a method to do this in platform to date, but it would be a useful risk-reduction option for us to have.

I always vote for more granular controls :slight_smile:

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Hi Dan, Thanks for the suggestion! This would be a great way to error proof API functions - I know we can set some permissions when setting up the API tokens, but these are more general than what you are looking for, correct?

pls check below-

  1. Generate API token.
  2. Check if the platform supports Access Control Lists (ACLs).
  3. Define custom permissions (create, read, update, not delete).
  4. Assign these permissions to the token.
  5. Test to ensure the delete operation is restricted.
  6. Document permissions and restrictions for clarity.

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