Delete all records using Tulip API

Hello everyone,
I’m doing some cleaning on many tables and I would like to delete records using the Table API.
(My bot has all scope). Do you have any ideas to solve this error 500 ?
Thanks by advance :slight_smile:

hello @pte, we can certainly help out here!!

just a couple of questions to help us understand what’s going on:

  • does that Connector work with other methods, for example creating a new record or deleting an individual record??
  • have you attempted removing the allowRecordsInUse parameter??


hello @pte, could you send me via direct message the link to the connector function that you’re using so our Engineering team can look into this??


@pte, the Engineering team has identified the issue that’s preventing you from deleting multiple records and is working on a solution.

we’ll post here once it’s been fixed.

Great thank you Gio :ok_hand:t2:

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has delete functionality fixed?