How to truncate/delete entire content of a Tulip table

Can you tell me if there is a simple way to delete all existing data that resides in a Tulip table without deleting the table?

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Hi @michael.wood,
You will need to use the Delete endpoint for Table API here. You can find the API documentation at instance-name/apidocs.

Here is a step by step process of going about deleting all data from a table without deleting the table:

Let us know if you have any questions!



Just as a note, the DELETE endpoint is not reversible, so if you think you may need any of the information make sure to export first to be safe!

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Thanks for the help, I did not realize the delete endpoint could be used for all data. That was simple!

@Grant is there a plan to remove the 10K limit on uploads to the tables or is there a workaround to allow larger data uploads?