How to eliminate multiple records from tables

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how can I eliminate multiple records at the same time in Tulip tables instead of one by one? Is definitely too inefficient eliminating records one at the time. In Excel for Example I can filter directly on the table and select rows/columns and just delete them.

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Hi Matteo - you can delete all records via an API ( Delete all records using Tulip API - Support, Troubleshooting, & App Help - Tulip Community), however I don’t think you can use that to select distinct records which isn’t ideal.

Would be good if there was a more defined DB language that could perform some essential admin activities such as this, though I also understand the need for control and compliancy.

For any of the Tulip Team reading this - are there any plans to improve this part of the functionality?

Thank you Mark, thank you for your reply. I really hope that this can be improved in the future.
Especially in development phase we create fake records to test if the app works correctly, plus some operators can make some mistake when entering data in Tulip. Cleaning these wrong record is essential in order to maintain the KPIs accurate.

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Asking for a follow up on this topic.

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Hi @matteo.morosin, thanks for bumping this.

This is a limitation we’re aware of, and one we know represents a considerable quality of life improvement. They’ll be more to come here in the not to distant future. In the meantime, you can vote for this product suggestion in this thread.

I also want to draw your attention to the work around in the comments in that thread. It’s not ideal, but creating an array of record ID’s you’d like to delete and running them through the looping widget is a way to reduce clicks when bulk deleting items.