Select multiple rows in a tulip table and delete the entries in a single click

It would be great to have the ability to select multiple entries at once in the Tulip Tables and mass delete them.

I have an issue where I am using the “Loop Step” method in one of my apps to automate creating table entries but I have, over time, created multiple entries that are not useful and were just tests at the time, that now need deleting. Individually deleting them row by row is exhausting and when there are hundreds of entries, is very time consuming.

Think of the idea of an email inbox, you can tick the checkboxes on individual emails and then once you have selected your desired amount, press a single button to delete them all. Would be extremely useful!


Hi Matt, you could accomplish this by adding a trigger to an embedded table that adds the ID of the selected record to an array. You could then loop through that array using the “Loop Step” method and the delete record trigger. If you want to avoid all of the delete notification message boxes that will pop up you could use a connector if you have any experience with those.

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Thank Ethan, Het linked me a similar approach using connector functions that I have been trying and it has done the trick. Although there is way to achieve what I am looking for, it would still be nice to have this as a feature in the table itself for quality of life. Thanks for your suggestion man!

Would you be able to do a similar thing to update multiple table records at a time?
Any pointers would be great!

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I agree, I’ve also come up against a few things that I could implement if we had multi-select on tables

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If you’re familiar with Step Looping (Quick tips - Looping!) you should be able to implement that with table updating definitely! I’m doing exactly this in a few spots in my apps