Delete multiple lines on Table

Hello Community,

I need somme help please.
I would like to delete several lines on one table that meets a condition.

For exemple, i want to delete all lines that have ‘D’ in the colomn ID_product with one trigger. Do you know how i can do that ?

Thank you !

Hey Jean,

Unfortunately, the only way to do this currently is to create a utility app that loops through every row in the table and deletes the ones that match your specific rules. However, this is a really cool part of working as a Tulip developer. You can create all sorts of utility apps to make administration much easier.

If you are not familiar with looping, I suggest learning how this is done. There are some other community posts where this is explained but I am happy to help if you get stuck.


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Hi @Jean,

yes you will need some kind of looping.
However I would suggest to only loop through the records, that matches the conditions and not trough all rows of the table.
Looping through table records is not the fastest fun you could imagine, so keep it as tight as possible.

However, this product suggestion thread could be interesting for you. There you could vote for a simpler solution:

Select multiple rows in a tulip table and delete the entries in a single click - Product suggestions - Tulip Community


Thank you all ! I will use the looping method I think.