Clearing all/ multiple entries at once in a table?

Hey team!

Just wondering if anyone has a way of mass clearing/ deleting entries in a Tulip table? I have been creating entries with a loop step and need to clear a boat-load of useless ones out of the table. Cheers!

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Hello @mattsaun ,
Are you looking to delete all entries in a specific table or a large number of entries but not all?


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Hey Het!

Ideally all of them but if I can only do a certain amount at once I will gladly take that :joy:

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Hey @mattsaun ,
You can use the Tulip API to delete all the records in a table. You can find the API documentation at
Here is a previous post on community that walks you through this process:

Just as a note, the DELETE endpoint is not reversible, so if you think you may need any of the information make sure to export first to be safe!

Let us know if you have any questions!


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Cheers for the help Het!

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