Delete all tulip table records

is there any way to delete all tulip table records ?

hello @suvarnap,

yes, you can use the Table API to delete all Records in the a Table. the endpoint
​/tables​/{tableId}​/records will delete all Records in a Table.

here’s some documentation on using the Table API: How to Use the Table API | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

are you already familiar with how it works?? let us know if we can help!!

how to pass parameters to that while creating connector? , can you give me some small demo of that?

hello @suvarnap!! just to confirm, are you referring to a Connector Function??

once you have a Connector Function setup, you will notice that the App Builder asks you for the all the Inputs from the Connector Function that you can set to Variables or Static Values:

let me know if I understood your question correctly.

actually I need to Delete a record from a Tulip Table and for that i will pass ID of tulip table so I need small demo of that. I.e what should be query parameters and headers ,please explain with demo pictures

hello @suvarnap, here’s a demo I just posted: [Tip of the Week] Delete all Table Records using a Bot.

let me know if you have further questions. as I mentioned in the post, use caution when using this as it will delete all Records from your Table.

what should I do to delete specific records, instead of deleting all records?

Hello @suvarnap ,

To access the Tulip API documentation first click on your Profile icon in the top right, then Settings. From the Settings, click Bots, then API Documentation.

In the API Documentation you’ll find:
DELETE - /tables/{tableId}/records/{recordId}

That’s the endpoint you’ll want to use to delete one record at a time

Hello Kailey,
I am using same thing but its not working ,please see snapshot I have attached And let me know what is the mistake there

hello @suvarnap, could you share the error code you’re seeing when you click Test (at the top right of the screen you shared) when entering a Record ID in the Test Value??