Button to delete all table records


It would be helpful to have a button in the table record to quickly delete all table records.
This would not only make things easier when testing apps (having to go through and delete trial records), but I upload and delete Work orders to a Tulip table on a daily basis and having to run a connector function just to delete the contents seems like a long way round.


Hey @Nolsie -

This is a great idea! I would be concerned adding this as a trigger action, but from the 3 dot menu there is way less risk of someone accidentally clicking it.

I wrote a feature request for this. There is a bunch of work going around bulk record operations, so this sort of bulk delete functionality is within the scope of what they are doing, but we might be able to sneak this one in before that work is complete.


Thanks @Pete_Hartnett

Just to clarify, this button needs to be able to delete records even if they are currently selected by a user in the player.



Hey @Nolsie -

Thanks for this added context. I am proposing that we make this configurable so you can choose to delete all records, or just those not in use.

Deleting records in use can wreak havoc on a process that is currently operating, so while it totally makes sense for your use-case to always delete everything, in some cases it might not be the right move.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett
Any more as to this?
Thinking this should be a pretty straightforward update…

Hey @Nolsie -

Step towards this one are in the works. We added the functionality to delete records that are in use to the API in a recent update, and this is the precursor to being able to add it to the UI directly.

As a product team, we are constantly balancing our resources for big and small initiatives, but sometimes it means small asks (like this one) get scheduled behind bigger chunks of work. We do sprints quarterly focused just on small wins like this one to ensure our focus isn’t just on those big asks. So for this sort of ask, the flow might go:

  1. Request
  2. Ask gets accepted (~1 week)
  3. Wait for next quick wins sprit (up to 3 months)
  4. Engineering work done (2 weeks)
  5. QA testing (1 week)
  6. Release (1 week)

This can mean even small requests take several months to get shipped. This year ~12 community suggestions have shipped, but most that have shipped were ~3 months from the original ask date.

I really appreciate the patience, and hope shining some more light onto our process drives a little more insight into the expected timeline of asks.


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Additional feedback from a user discussion on this to also allow multi-select for delete. Primary case is test data being removed when an app goes live.


Hey @Nolsie,

I had the same need and found a workaround : [Tip of the Week] Delete all Table Records using a Bot