Convert Text to Hexadecimal

Does Tulip app can be able to convert Text to Hexadecimal ?

Among widgets available, I used :
Inputs (text)
Text (variable)

I would like to enter data on Inputs (text) and convert this data to hexadecimal on Text (variable).

Thanks to tell me if it’s possible

Kind Regards


hello @FTR, thanks for posting.

you can indeed do this conversion in Tulip. however, you will first need to convert the Text to an Integer before converting to a Hexadecimal. this Expression will work well (replacing the @Variable.Input to yours): int_to_hex(texttointeger(@Variable.Input)):

resulting App:

could you confirm this is indeed what you were looking for??

thanks again for posting!!

Hello Giovanni

Yes this what I would like but without a button trigger.

It’s written “Invalid Expression”


It’s done but the result no matched



great to hear you were able to implement it.

could you confirm the following:

  1. does the Variable Texte Scanné have a value assigned to it??
  2. are you leaving and re-entering the Step??

@FTR, if you change your Trigger to being On Timer > 1 Second, the conversion should take place (assuming the Input Widget is the Texte Scanné Variable).

Hello Giovanni

1 - No value assigned but i linked my inputs (text) with DATA SOURCE = Variable and Variable = Text Scanné.
2 - I re-entering the Step (trigger = On Step Enter) = I used your condition description.


OK, thanks for clarifying @FTR.

based on my understanding, the only issue is that you don’t have a value assigned so the Variable can’t get converted. once you enter a value for the Variable and leave + re-enter the Step, it should convert to hexadecimal.

Even if I enter something on my Text (variable), I put the condition to convert to hexdecimal and I linked this to my inputs (text) ?

OK, could you share a screenshot of the Trigger you’re using @FTR?? thanks!!

Hello Giovanni

Sorry for the delay.

That’s the screenshot you asked me :


OK, thanks for sharing @FTR.

I think the issue may be that you are storing the original Variable back to itself. could you try creating a new Variable, and storing the Expression to that Variable?? as you can see here: Convert Text to Hexadecimal - #2 by gio, the 2 Variables will need to be distinct.


I Did it but issue is still there

I changed the expression :

but it doesn’t take into account my text I wrote after TEXTTOINTEGER