Create 2D Array from Two 1D Arrays?

Is it possible to create a 2D array (similar format to connector “object” output) using Expressions?

@jmlowden, I think the best method of doing this is probably creating the shape object you need in the variable editor and looping through arrays to load values into the different properties.

Curious about your use case here if you want to share.

LOL I just found this for the first time, just as I was getting ready to head to bed…


Did not realize this was a thing…up until now I have created every variable through a widget or trigger interface, even the arrays (“Text Lists”, as it turns out)!

Will I be dreaming about this? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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OK, I looked and looked, but haven’t found how to “load values into the different properties”

Which expression editor functions would allow me to populate an array into an object list column or row?

Also, does the # of rows need to be predetermined?

Also, noted the following error when trying to create Properties with spaces in the name:

Not terribly descriptive, took a minute to figure out what it was trying to convey.

Just following up on this because I think we had some good resolution in Office Hours today that are worth documenting for anyone else with similar questions:

2 options seemed to work for this:

  1. Using “Push to Array” to send items from your object list to the target array
  2. Trying a different approach all together of making a separate table for your pick list and linking it with your ship list table - skipping the need for the go between steps of making all these lists and arrays

Feel free to add any more details you’d like @jmlowden !


For now I will backburner the Object>Push to Array>Object List option, but I am sure there is a proper application for that somewhere in my future. (E.G., How would a Zebra printer handle printing an Object List? Perhaps this could simplify coding printouts.)

Instead I am pivoting to a linked tables approach, which actually solves a few needs at once:

  1. I can have different data types in the different table fields (Object/Object List data would have all been text requiring extra casting steps)
  2. I can resume working on an incomplete shipment if my session is interrupted for whatever reason
  3. I can have substatuses for the pick line items in the pick table, and an overall pick/shipment status for the “parent” record in the shipment table

Will update here as I build this out.

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