Create Data Table Columns From App Through Triggers

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Is it possible to create a data table field from triggers from the app? My colleague is asking for a scenario where you would want to log the data from multiple failed QC checks and store that data from each attempt. Right now my understanding is that we would need to create a data table field for each possible scenario, but is there a way to auto generate fields through triggers?

Also, I ran into the issue before where the data tables had a column limit, is that still the case or has the limit increased recently? (Maybe in the past 6 months)


It is currently not possible to add a data table field via triggers in an app. If this something that would be extremely impactful moving forward, I would suggest posting about this on the Product Suggestions page.

Also, starting from r210 the column limits for tulip tables will be increased to 200.


Hi Ashley, have you considered a different table structure using 2 tables: One table for work orders and a linked table for QC checks (each QC tests would be a different record linked to the first table). That way you have a fixed number of fields (and you can have as many QC checks as needed per work order).
That’s how I approached this problem in the past.

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Thanks PTE for this suggestion!

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Hi @ashchav20 thanks for the post. Currently, you cannot add table columns dynamically from an app and we are not likely to add this feature. Many times, linking Tables together can help simplify your app logic. I also recommend looking at our Library for examples if you haven’t already. Most apps also have Tables with them, which may give you some ideas :slight_smile: .

I think the suggestion from @pte is a good place to start, let us know how it goes!

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