View number of columns in TULIP Table

Since Tables have a max column limit and I often have to use multiple tables to save all the data needed in some apps, it would be nice to see the column count somewhere in the Table screen. Having this number will allow me to organize my tables easier without reaching the column limit.

Have you tried using the “count” aggregation option for the table?

Here is an article explaining how to:

I understand that we can use count to add up record information, however I am talking purely about the table creating process. I cannot use the count aggregation to count how many columns my current table has within the table UI. As I’m reaching 200 columns very often and archived columns also count towards the max column count, it would be really nice to see when the end of a table is rather than be surprised by it. As TULIP continues to increase the max column count, a number somewhere on the table creating UI would be helpful just for the quality of life benefits.

Hey @dsun,

I think this is a great idea, I know of a few other customers that are constantly right up against that 200 field limit that need to keep track of how many fields they have in their table.

I just created a feature request for this and will keep this thread updated as it is acted upon. I included being able to see the number of archived fields in this table.

Thanks for the fantastic idea,