Create Multiple Table Fields At Once

It would be really nice to have more robust table editing options. Currently I’m creating a table that has 151 columns so that I can import a .csv, and having a form that lets you mass add columns would be a huge time saver rather than having to scroll to the end of the table, hit “+” then scroll a little more, hit “+” etc.

It would also be nice to be able to edit table field data type if the table has no records.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

This is a great idea, and one that just came up in the past month. There is a feature request being scoped for this feature. Engineering work hasnt yet been scheduled for this feature, but it is on their radar.

The ability to edit fields when they are empty is a new one I hadn’t thought about. Normally we dont allow this because type conversion of data can be error prone, but if there is no data this obviously isnt an issue. I will write up a req for this too.

Keep the ideas coming!