Add Table Fields To Middle Of Table

In line with my previous suggestion of adding multiple table fields at once in a separate form, it would be nice to be able to add table fields to the middle of the table (maybe in the dropdown where you can edit a field, there could be options to add a field left or right of the selected field).

I’m still working with that 150+ field table, and have had to add several new fields after the fact. For the sake of readability, I want them next to some related fields, but currently I have to drag them from the right side of the table quite a long ways to reach the correct spot.

Unless I’m just missing it, dragging the field does not cause the table to scroll left or right, so I have to drag it as far as possible, scroll over, drag it again, etc. which with a table of this size becomes quite time consuming. Unfortunately “cheating” by shift+scrolling to the correct spot while dragging doesn’t work because it appears that the field will only go as far as the last “spot” that was visible when you start dragging.

Just a thought, thanks!

Hey @richard.vaughn -

This is a great idea. I spent a lot of time in a 180 column table at one point and it was pretty painful to move columns. This should be a pretty quick win to get incorporated, and would be a big quality of life improvement.

Let me see what I can do to get this incorporated sooner rather than later.

Keep the great ideas coming-