Add buttons to jump to first and last page on the table widgets - all editors

A frequent annoyance here is that we have to click our way through to the very end of the table…


Hey @sebme, I’d like to learn more about the reason for the need to jump to the end.

Do you often on large tables need to view the first and the last records?
If so, can you elaborate why?

For other users I have talked to about this topic, sorting the table accordingly in “reverse” has been a better solution.

yes, long tables, and given that an ad-hoc sorting is not possible in today’s widget - expect for the backend version of it - sorting is also not an option.

Just realized you can actually sort on the ID field… but that’s unfortunately the wrong field :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,

this is also discussed for the tables page and on the table itself before … it is quite annoying to navigate step by step…

I like the solution from the Apps Archive page:
Here you can also see, how many pages there are!


The fastest way is to turn on metadata fields and resort newest created first. I wish these were on by default or it were sorted newest created first by default.


This is only a workaround on the table itself.
And it will destroy sorting by another field.

On the tables page (where all tables are listed) and on the interactive table widget, this is not a solution. Additionally you will still not see, how many pages there are…

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