Can Operators sort a table?

Is there a way to allow Operators to sort a table by different columns? For instance giving them the ability to sort alphabetically in one column or from oldest-newest in another. I’m aware of this question but the explanation didn’t seem to enable sorting.

Hey Cartwright,

This is a great question, and definitely something we are working on making easier inside of the platform!

Do you need the table to have selectable rows? If not, you can use a table analytic to display the table with sort buttons. Table analytics have the ability to sort and can pull the exact same data as an interactive table.

If you need to use an Interactive table, this is not something we can do natively at this time. However, there are some workarounds you could use:

  1. Having multiple steps which look the same but have a different sort on the interactive table
  2. Using dynamic filters to allow operators to search the list instead of sorting it

Let me know if that makes sense.

Makes sense - thank you!