Sorting interactive table by several columns

Hi all,
short question: how can I sort a ia table by f.e. order-number or delivery date?
I know I can use the sort function of the table, but the 2nd sort criteria depends on the 1st.
I need to sort all entries by oder or by delivery date separately.

Is it not possible yet?

Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

I was checking to see if there is a known way to do this, and I don’t think there is. Just to clarify, you want the ability to do 2 separate sorts on the same table - first sort on one column, then a second sort on a 2nd column?

Hi @Beth
not “first column, then 2nd column” but “column one or column two” - independently of each other.
At the moment the 2nd sorting depends on the the 1st one

so it’s not possible to sort by deliverydate (A-Z) because the 2nd sorting is an inner sorting of the 1st sorting


No difference

Regards Chris

So you want to choose the sorting by user interaction?

There is no setting for this.

For SQL outputs I usually manage this kind of thing by putting the sort logic in the data request.
If you then change the sort column (e.g. by dropdown) then the data gets requested again.
Unfortunately that’s not possible for TULIP Tables, because you cant change the sorting column in queries and you can’t change the called querie for an interactive table.

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Yes, Thorsten, because it’s an interactive table :wink:

For SQL outputs I’m usually use this too, also for formatting the date format.

I hope to get this feature soon…

Regards Chris

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I went ahead an made this a product suggestion here and made an internal ticket for our product team for this request - make sure to vote :slight_smile:

@ChrisF Just to double check: You want to enable users to dynamically change the sorting from one field to another? Is that correct?

Hi @stefan ,
yes, as equal as you can sort the information in the windows explorer.
See my example: you never get the date “2023.09.29” to the top due to the dependency to the order number

Regards Chris