Buttons to go to straight to beginning and end of table


I have a table with thousands of entries (because we’ve made thousands of completed units). Whenever I want to check on the last few hours of completions, I have to click all the way through the table to get to the last page. It would be nice to have the button that goes straight to the end as most tables in other programs have.

Hey @Tbrown -

Looking to do this on the tables UI (https://[your-instance].tulip.co/tables)? or within an app?


I am specifically looking for this within a table (For instance the table that made me think of this has 27 pages of 50 rows each). But i could see it being helpful in many places.

Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

in the tables UI the page 1 is always available in the navigation, but the last isn’t.


There should just be the last number as well…

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@Tbrown, if you haven’t used them before, Table Queries and Aggregations might be what you’re looking for. You can set queries to return records from your table based on parameters that you select (status, product #, date entered), and filter by most recent.

You can use the “Test” button to filter your tables in the table editor, or you can build apps with these filters for viewing filtered table data.

Here’s some documentation on how the feature works, and a course in Tulip University if this is something you want to learn more about.

Thanks for trying to help John,

Yes I could set up an app that helps me view the specific entries i’m looking for and edit them but that’s a lot of work when I’m just trying to delete the development sample that I just ran thru the system.