Creating “local” connectors

I see there are two standard connectors Cloud SQL and HTTP - are there any edge connectors so i can connect via ODBC or local SQL? Seems like i would need a third party driver (Cdata) to get local data to a cloud SQL database then create a Tulip connector?


Here is a primer on the Tulip Connector Host

There are a few options to connect to a local database.

  1. Port forward your local DB so it is accessible to our cloud Connector Host
  2. Install an Edge MC locally and use its onboard Connector Host
  3. Install an On-Premise Connector Host

Hope that helps!


Think it will be easier to use CData driver to Azure or AWS SQL database but I will try the first option to get local sql data just so I have it as part of my tool kit. In my experience I usually get access to some staging database anyways so the CData driver approach probably would fit security protocols better!