Custom widget snake game

Just a fun Friday afternoon here in Australia
Have a look at the custom widget I made for the snake game.
The source code is not mine, i just made a few tweaks to make it work.
It’s not perfect but I’m happy what I achieved in an hour :slight_smile:

Source code and explanation : JavaScript snake game tutorial: Build a simple, interactive game (

JSON attached for anyone who wants to try it out.
Make it better and share in the community if you can.
The CSS really needs some fixing up.

customWidget-Snake game.json (8.4 KB)


Looks cool! We had some fun with that type of thing here at Tulip a little whiles ago.

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Oh yes, i saw this and this is what drove me to try snake. Any chance you have JSON export you can share with us.

@rakitha following up here with two uploads: snake and Pacman that we have running in the office :grin:

(we pulled these from an article like this, so YMMV on what exactly they need to work in Tulip - )

customWidget-Snake.json (45.1 KB)
customWidget-Pacman v4 (highscores).json (40.0 KB)

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