Dark Mode for Community and Knowledge

Is it possible to get a dark mode for the community and knowledge base?

Dark mode is easier on the eyes, and (personally) allows for people to browse longer.

Hey @tim.heid -

Great idea. @RussWaddell is setting this up for community as we speak and in the next few months, we are transitioning to a new provider for the Knowledge Base that will allow this functionality natively too!

Great idea!

Dark theme now selectable by users!

Click on your face in top right → Person icon to open profile settings → Preferences → Interface

It looks like I can probably configure this based on the device or browser settings to change without any user selection. I’ll update here when I figure that out.


It will be nice if we can easily report any typos or inaccuracies in the knowledgebase article. Rather than the 3 smiley faces. Just a thought.

A comment section is coming too! In the meantime shooting a message to live chat or support@tulip.co is a great way to get these changes made.


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