Dark Mode for App Editor

Please make a dark mode for the app editor, the bright screen starts to hurt my eyes.

I am so 100% with you :heart:

I would love to give you 100 Votes :smiley:

@mkucker did you know, that you can also vote for your own suggestion? :wink:

I’ve found Dark Reader does a pretty good job.

Needs some minor tweaks for navigation items and some icon buttons getting invisible though. Open the “Dev Tools” window of the extension and the following to the very end:



*[color="transparent"], *[color="rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)"] {
color: #CCC !important;

Hi @hari,

thanks for your suggestion.
I already have this plug in and I find it a pain. For some Websites it is an ok workaround (still no fun).
But I don’t recommend it on TULIP.
It looks bad and one issue I couldn’t fix yet is, that the canvas is also getting manipulated. So it does no longer look as it would for the operaters.
It is also changing the preview of color variables :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I just want to open my work related applications and have them in my system standard.

Just like this community page or like MS Office products.

Dark Mode is more and more common and should be taken into accouunt with every App development. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion! Dark mode is certainly a great idea the design team will take into consideration as we’re working on future visual updates to the platform.