Disable trigger that use a connector function

When you disable a trigger that call a connector function, where use list connector still consider function use by the app. When you are in early phase of development with new functions, it will be great to disable trigger that use the function, change function and (re)enable the trigger. Hope it’s clear

Hi @youri.regnaud ,

I guess we all have the same issues here. But is this the solution? Even if you delete the trigger and the Connector function has no usage at all, it will not be editable (once you saved it the inputs and outputs are fixed).

I find connector functions should also follow a versioning. So the published Apps can stick to their version of the Connector function and in development version of a connector function you should have all possibilities to change. Then there also needs to be the freedom to update the object variable in the app to fit the new version of the connector fuction.

At least extending should always work…

What do you think?