Drop down static variables disappear and an error is reported

After this maintenance, the static variables in several drop-down boxes I set all disappeared and an error was reported, as you can see in the image below,Could you help me with this problem

Hey @Jiayu -

Can you shoot a link of your app to support@tulip.co and they can dig into your app specifically? We haven’t see this sort of error anywhere else after the most recent release.


I will give you link

Hi Jiayu,
Does this still happen if you delete the widget and then create a new one again?

@aaronstone hello,
When I delete and re-create and configure the widget in the program, it will return to normal, but I need the new widget in the program to still be normal after the next maintenance

Hey @Jiayu -

So this widget was working, and then stopped after the last release? I don’t know of any customers reporting this, and this isn’t something we saw in our QA process, but I would love to see if we can recreate it.

Feel free to re-add it, I think the chances of this happening again is incredibly small.


Hi Jiayu,

If you are experiencing this issue consistently, feel free to file a support ticket by emailing support@tulip.co.


Aaron Stone