Dynamic Checklists

Hey All,

Got another interesting use-case for custom widgets. Application is something like a dynamic checklist that users will be interacting with, could be the process for assembling goods, doing preventative maintenance, etc. Basically, you can define a process in a table and when selected from a dropdown, a checklist will be shown where users can check off elements, when the checklist is complete a trigger is fired.

To achieve this I am actually combining two custom widgets -

  1. First, a single select widget that fires an even when an option is selected. You feed this widget a list of options, and in this case I am feeding it an aggregation of custom ids. When the user selects an option a trigger fires with the user selection and we split the process steps on the comma.

  2. Next, the list of steps is passed to the checklist widget which dynamically adds each input to the list, when a user select an option its color is changed, and we check to see how many of the options have been completed, when the are all complete, a trigger is fired.

This could be improved even more by doing something like using linked records in the table, so string splitting is no longer needed. Another improvement might be tracking how many steps have been completed so users could do have of an assembly process then come back and continue where they were.

Let me know what you think!
Note: These widgets haven’t gone through Tulip’s code review process, so use it at your own risk
customWidget-Checklist.json (2.9 KB)
customWidget-Auto Advance - Single Select.json (1.7 KB)