Event log to record Tulip error messages

It would be nice to have an event log like in windows. (doesn’t have to be all flashy, just a read-only tulip table will be more than enough.)

Every time there is a Tulip error message an entry is made in the event log with station name, App name, step name, user, date and time, error message, etc.
This should also capture events when we use the “show error” trigger function.

This will be very similar to the completions table, but for errors.

The alternate method I can think of is for us to have step trigger for “ON STEP ERROR” then we can decide what to do with it. (We can write to our own Tulip table)

This will be a great tool for developers to diagnose apps.
This in conjunction with station “live preview” would make managing multiple stations so much easier.

below is a screen capture of the windows log I’m referring to.

Hey @Rakitha -

This is a fantastic idea (or couple ideas). I wrote up a feature request for this functionality. As a user I have found myself wanting similar functionality in the past. Is there other information (outside of errors) that you would like to see? I could see a few being useful:

  • When triggers executed
  • When errors occurred, and debugging information
  • Maybe a special type of console logging message that isn’t shown to users
    Anything else?

There is a lot of work going on around the tools we offer to help engineers manage their Tulip deployments at scale, so your thoughts would be incredibly valuable here.

Thanks in advance!

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error log and when triggers are executed will be the top 2 in my wish list.
I guess some diagnostics for connectors but I haven’t used connectors to comment on it. I will keep thinking… :slight_smile:

Another that is coming would be alerting around analytics. If my reject rate goes above x% create an alert that can be seen in a global dashboard, or over something like an automated email.

Keep the great ideas coming!

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Is this functionality released by Tulip ?
I want this functionality for e-signature widget.
Feature :- The system shall log failed electronic signature entries.

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