Expression REGEX_(MATCH|REPLACE) documentation

Not sure if this belonged in “Product suggestions” or “Support” so I put it in General…

I couldn’t find much documentation in community or the Knowledge Base on what the options are for the “modifiers” for the REGEX functions in the expression editor.


This appears to be a list of options, someone please let me know if I’m wrong. @L_Churchill if you are still updating the Knowledge Base articles, will you please add a link to the REGEX search modifier options?

Thanks, Al

Hey Al,

This is a great question and call-out to improve our documentation here!

In terms of a good resource for REGEX search modifier options, this is a good link: RegExp() constructor - JavaScript | MDN. Since the expression functions in Tulip are using the out of the box Reg Exp constructor, the modifiers are the flags listed in this JS documentation.

We will work on updated the Knowledge Base to include this as well :slight_smile:

Just wasted 1h trying to figure out how to make global regex matches work… then I finally found this post. I was about to throw the towel. Please update the Knowledge Base and more importantly the editor hint! Particularly why there is the additional “\” at the beginning of the second match string :sleeping:

Hi Sebastian,

I’m glad this thread helped you but sorry it took so long to find it!

@jakerigos did make some updates to the KB article after this post: Full List of Expressions in the Analytics Editor but are these not sufficient? If not, please let us know!

The call out here to update the expression editor hint is great - I’ll make a ticket for the product team to look at that.