Face Mask Sewing Guidelines

Anyone know about guidelines related the most effective non-N95 masks? @jdimaria and team are looking for some info. Pls share if you have any insight. Thx!

I’m not a doctor (etc) but this struck me as clever and well reasoned: https://www.fixthemask.com/

Basically, use pleated surgical masks and augment them so that they form a tight seal. Apparently there is some reason to believe that once you make a seal, it’s as effective as a N95.

That’s cool, thanks for sharing @pencerw - I also came across this announcement from the joint commission supporting providers who bring in their own PPE. https://www.jointcommission.org/-/media/tjc/documents/resources/patient-safety-topics/infection-prevention-and-hai/covid19/public_statement_on_masks_from_home.pdf.

I know I doubted the fact that hospitals would accept homemade face masks when my mom she said she was starting to sew some. Sorry mom!

Also here’s a guide from the New York Times that @angielin used to sew hers: https://int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/6860-printable-face-mask-tutorial/ded6e67bb78f2599a7ff/optimized/full.pdf#page=1