Filter interactive table by "NOT IN"

I have table of all tools and tool id is used to identify diferent tools (Id is like unique tool code. Eg: BH1B5_3, BH123_1, BF324 etc…)

Each tool can be part of another group which is another table (ToolGroup) and contains ToolIDs that are part of this group. When selecting tool for group only “free” tools can be selected as candidates for tool group. So I somehow had to filter out “used” tools that already exists in ToolGroup table.

Filter should use something like “not in” operator on array of ToolIDs. I can extract array from ToolGrop table using TableApi.

But unfortunately I have no option to use “is not in” interactive table filter.

“Is in” is available but not in option is missing.

Any suggestion how to filter interactive table with “is not in” option - or any other option to achieve functionality needed.


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