From Digital Shadow to Digital Twin

While reading an article on the differences between model, shadow and twin I couldn’t help but make the connection between Tulip. Indeed today the reading of the equipment data is set through the machines and type of machines. On the other hand when we want to control an equipment (except for the drivers of a gateway) we have to use the connectors / functions. it would be wonderful if we could also command, change tag value of the device/equipment via the machine feature

Also tagging @Sagar . Can you describe the sort of machines you’d be writing to? I’m asking specifically in regards to safety/control implications of being able to write to a machine or device.

We have several use case to command devices from Tulip :

  • Mettler scale : write tare with OPC UA
  • Screw driver : send torque program
  • CNC Machine : Send tools correction/offsets
  • ProGlove MArk Display : Send command to change display
  • OCR Machine : Send correct receipe to read serial number

awesome info. have you ever wanted to write or control these from NodeRED on an Edge device? do you do that today?

Yes we do. We expose a HTTP IN node request by Tulip connector host! But we need one connector by device!

yes, I remember that support request and the workaround you used. very creative.