Get metric on Apps Exchange library

We invest time on providing template apps on our internal Apps library (Apps Exchange).
We would like to know if apps builder use those apps.
Today, on account owner Apps Exchange page, we could see aggregate figures, like total number of download, last download per apps.
It will be very useful to get the detail history, who have download, when, on which workspace. In order to follow properly the usage.

Hi Nicolas, thank you for sharing this. A couple follow up questions:

  1. Are these apps used in their entirety by app builders? Or do they contain “step templates” that can be used one by one depending on the context? We have seen some customers use this feature for step templates rather than whole apps.
  2. Regardless of the answer to number 1, how would you figure out the cases where the template SHOULD be used (for any given template)? For example, let’s imagine a 5S app that is standardized across multiple plants. The data on how many instances use that app is one data point, but I imagine you might want to answer the question “Out of all of our 5S audits across multiple plants, how many of those audits were completed using the standard 5S template?” And that answer is a little trickier to gather because it deals with data across multiple apps.

Today, our internal Apps library, is much more for Demo/Inspiration/Reusabe component for Apps builder to build their own business apps. Apps builder import an apps from internal library and use/copy part of step, trigger logic, function to build their own application.
So today, I just want to know who have import from internal Apps library. I couldn’t know how fare apps builder have use it in an publish application.

Understood. I am logging internally alongside other App Exchange requests.